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Tripod Turnstile Gate with Hydraulic Damper for Shock Absorber SST-N1002

Technical Parameter of Tripod Turnstile Gate 

  1. Supply Voltage:110V-240V, 50HZ

  2. Working temperature:-35℃ ~ 60℃

  3. Relative Humidity:≤95%, No Condensation

  4. Max-Access Width: 600mm

  5. Passing Speed:30people/min

  6. Size:L1400*W280*H980mm

  7. Material:304 Stainless Steel

  8. Weight :60Kg

  9. Arm length:500(mm)

  10. Arm turning direction:Single direction,bi-direction(optional)

  11. Input Interface: +12 V dry contact

  12. Solenoid valve:24V

  13. Communication interface: RS485/Relay signal

  14. Communication distance :≤1200m

  15. Equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber, the speed of the arm can be adjusted, the operation is smooth and noiseless.



Description of Tripod Turnstile Gate

The security tripod turnstile is stamped and formed by 304 stainless steel plate, which is beautiful in appearance, rust-proof and durable. The system adopts standard electrical interface, which can easily integrate the reading and writing equipment such as barcode card, ID card, an IC card into the device. Provide an orderly and civilized way of access for the entry and exit, and prevent illegal personnel from entering and leaving. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of the fire exit, in the event of an emergency, the power is shut down and the personnel is evacuated freely. The mechanism has a shock absorber. When the gate is used, the sound is small, no impact, and the brake lever automatically decelerates back. The outdoor tripod turnstile has waterproof protection. So it can be used totally outdoor without canopy. 

Feature of Tripod Turnstile Gate

  1. Electromagnet lock, photoelectric unlocking, long service life, high reliability, and fast response

  2. The whole system runs smoothly, with low noise and small impact force.

  3. With self-test function, automatic recovery is in the locked state.

  4. With a variety of working modes to choose from, you can read cards in both directions, or you can read the card while you are in the other direction, while reading the card and freely passing in the other direction.

  5. With a power-off solenoid valve, power on manual lever function. After power-on, first press the lever and then lift the lever to the upper horizontal line.

  6. With power-down lever function to meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements.

  7.  It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various access control attendance or other control equipment to facilitate system integration and remote control and management through management computer.

  8. The tripod turnstile access control software can be used to collect statistics on the number of people in the direction of traffic and present them to managers so that managers can know the number of people in a certain direction.

  9. The tripod turnstile gate has a clear direction indication function that can be used to pass or prohibit access by an intuitive LED passer.

  10. With card reader memory and no memory function, users can set it through the motherboard keyboard according to their needs.

  11. Software settings can limit the total number of people inside the site to meet the special needs of special occasions.

  12. With automatic reset function. When the card is read, the system will automatically cancel the passer's current access right when the passer does not pass within the specified time (4 seconds).